Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My apologies to the many of you who posted comments on recent posts here. I had, for a time, turned off the commenting feature. It seems when I switched it back on, a fluke in the new "spam-blocking" feature here on Blogger sent all new comments to the spam folder without notifying me. Since I have not been updating regularly, I never saw these!

So please accept my belated apology to all of those of you who left a comment and thought it had been deleted or moderated! I appreciate the feedback and support, as always. Your comments have all been moved out of the spam folder and approved, and again, so sorry for the delay!

Hopefully, this is a feature that will be rectified with the new website. Jeff and I are putting our heads together and mustering our collective knowledge of html, css and php (which is, let me tell you, pretty damn paltry) to try some new innovative techniques that will be different from the more familiar blog commenting process. I hope you'll all make the migration to the new page once it's up, and continue to participate and share in the awesome community that is YOU.

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