Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bonus Post: Gettin' Hitched!

This is just a brief post to announce some very exciting news! For those not yet aware, at the beginning of August my partner, Jeff, proposed! (No, this is not an April Fool's joke!) Looks like Ali's gettin' hitched...

And being that we are both huge nerds (read: bloggers), naturally we figured our first order of business should be to launch a co-hosted wedding blog and website. So without further ado, introducing:

Wedding on the Edge

We're not exactly your typical mainstream bride and groom. We are pacifists, feminists and environmentalists. We are Pagans. And we are, as they say kindly, "creative types." We're a couple of weirdos, and we know it. And while this makes us practically perfect for each other — and quite cute as a couple, I like to think — we also know that we have family members and friends out there wondering, "What exactly is a pacifist, feminist, eco-friendly Pagan wedding going to look like, anyway? I'm not going to have to dance naked around a bonfire under a full moon chanting prayers to Gaia, am I?"

Wedding on the Edge is our answer to those uncertainties. (The short answer is, only if you want to!) We hope it will be a way of reassuring our loved ones, and inviting them into these wilder places on the edges of the normal. Let us begin with a picnic basket and a friendly wave. And who knows, maybe it'll provide a bit of inspiration for other couples out there, too, who want to know how they can plan a low-budget, eco-friendly, fringe-faith love-fest of their own.

This blog will mostly be a place for friends and family members to come for tidbits and insights over the course of the year leading up to the wedding. But it is our hope that other readers might also enjoy following along with our goofy struggles and mushy love stories, as we stumble towards a low-budget, eco-friendly, fringe-faith love-fest celebration. Maybe you're thinking about tying the knot yourself? Maybe you crave craft and party-planning suggestions that embrace alternative lifestyles? Maybe you just want to indulge your voyeuristic urge to learn about the intimate secrets of that intrepid author and blogger, yours truly. Whatever your reason, stop on by! (And if you like what you see, grab a badge and spread the word!)

We know we're not the only Pagans out there getting hitched (or handfasted, or whatever)! We'd love to hear from you!


  1. Congratulations!! May your handfasting be blessed and may you both live rich lives full of love, laughter and peace.

  2. Congratulations to you both! I share Brazenbird's sentiments that your handfasting be blessed and all you could hope for.

  3. Congratulations! May your handfasting be full of love and happiness. May the God/Goddess bless you both.