Thursday, May 14, 2009

Security, Prosperity, Generosity

My dear readers,

Times is hard.

Hopefully you already know Jeff Lilly, at least through his insightful writings over at Druid Journal. Jeff is a fellow member of AODA, a dear friend of mine, and a wonderful human being if ever I knew one. Only a few months ago, 'friends' was all we were, but since mid-March, we have become much more than that to one another.

Life works in mysterious ways. For the past two months, it seems the churning mechanisms of coincidence that spin this Universe of ours have been conspiring to make us happy. Family and social circumstances seemed perfectly in sync, bringing our lives closer together, smoothing the path before us. If I didn't know better, I would have suspected that we were merely madly in love, but it was more than that. Love couldn't explain why his ex-wife's fiancé's parents happen to live only minutes from me, or why his initial choice for a new apartment fell though just when a place became available that was cheaper and in a better location. Love couldn't explain my sudden surge of motivation and energy, or why all my mind-boggling bad luck seemed to be giving way to pleasant surprises and clear sailing... could it?

As sometimes happens, though, the ride has been getting a bit bumpier lately. Still finalizing the paperwork on his divorce and nailing down plans to move the whole family out to Pittsburgh, this morning Jeff received some difficult news about his work situation. His initial reaction--maybe from shock--was all smiles. Mine, on the other hand, was tearful panic and worry. Sometimes, I still believe I'm some kind of a bad luck charm, that whenever I get close to someone, life seems to get messy and more difficult for them. On the other hand, Jeff seemed full of confidence and enthusiasm, rattling off several alternative employment options he could pursue immediately. After a reassuring and mutually supportive phone call, my own anxiety was replaced with resolve. Thorn is right, as we delve more deeply into our Great Work, it's not that we never lose our center, it's that we return to center, we recover our poise and grace, more quickly than we used to.

I love this man. Not just because of his optimism and openness, his kindness and generosity. He has spent a great deal of time these past few months praising my strength and courage, and sometimes, I think, overlooking his own. And so on his behalf I would like to ask you, my dear readers, for your support and encouragement over these next few weeks. Please, keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers, send him comfort and confidence, whether by energy, deity, spellwork or carrier pigeon. If I know anything about prosperity magic, it's that there is a weaving triad of mutual support at work: security, prosperity, generosity. Generosity is something the Celts were known for: a welcoming, giving spirit. I already know you all possess these in abundance. If, in your daily work, you could light a candle for Jeff, for his family and especially for his children, I know your warmth and positivity will be felt and returned with appreciation and gratitude.

Meanwhile, for those of you with a little extra funds lying around, Jeff does provide some neat services through his website, including beautifully-recorded guided meditations and spiritual name analyses. Please hop on over and check those out, if you're interested; every bit helps! (But don't tell him that I made such a shameless plug for him, okay?)


  1. Ali,

    It's a tough thing to go through no doubt. A path as familar to me as my own with my husband. I can tell you that it gets better. Time and patience with a sprinkling of determination. Might be a good time to get your "stubborn up".

    I've had a very good feeling about this new relationship for you since first learning about it. Sounds like you are balancing one another nicely in many areas. Absolutely perfect and necessary to find balance in love. It's gotten my husband and me to 16 years of marriage as of tomorrow.

    Wishing you the best and yes, candles will be lit.

  2. Pom, Thank you so much for your comment! I think you're right, Jeff and I really seem to work, to fit together, in ways that I think I'd almost given up on ever experiencing. Even difficult times like these seem a little easier, knowing we're going through it together. And it's a comfort to know there are others out there who've been through it, too, and can give comfort and words of wisdom. :) (By the way, congratulations on the anniversary! Sixteen years is awesome! :)

  3. YAY! Love is in the air . . .