Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Better Half


  1. Hey, Ali -

    Really enjoyed listening to your blog. Think I actually like to listen to it more than read it. Seems I'm able to understand where you're coming from a little better because I'm hearing the inflections in your voice.

    Strange thing, I'd just watched that particular episode of Star Trek on TV Land just a couple of days ago. I, too, was struck by the interesting contrasts and tensions of the plot - but was unfortunately, distracted from being able to think about it much. Was wishing I could watch it again and ruminate about it... Here you come with this interesting blog. Sometimes wishes do come true.

    Hope you are well.

  2. I've been reading your blog on and off for a year or so now, and even though i've never seen Star Trek, I know the basic outline.

    Thanks for providing such deep food for thought.

    When my mouse gives up, I often find I can do certain things with Alt and Tab. If you hold Alt, while pressing tab, it flicks through programs open... alt lets you get to File Menu's ect...

    Not sure if this helps if you don't have the programs already running, but when my PC pops up a note saying I have mail, i "alt and tab" until the message is highlighted, and then hit spacebar, and it opens themessage.

    In Love and Light,
    Willow Myrina.

  3. Willow, Thank you for the advice on dead-mouse syndrome! ;) I suppose fiddling with keyboard commands is one of those things you always kick yourself for not having done before your mouse died. Maybe I'll spend some time fiddling and exploring now, in fact... :)