Thursday, January 31, 2008

Half-Glass Full: A Poem

Half-Glass Full

Sure, I'm an optimist. Sure.

I support the President. I stand-behind

this administration and its decisions, the preemptive incisions of an inaccurate knife

into foreign political bodies, the preventative leeches and blood-letting getting the best

of diseased oil veins and the fame of this or that evil man, today's devil, starved of resources

and recourses to diplomacy--or better yet, hanged and dangling for the crows and gods to pick at. Sure.

I'm an optimist.

I give this administration the credit

-or-debit they're due, the smooth intoxication of the process, the noxious self-flagellation of a people

at the steeple of competing religio-corporate denominations, by which I mean monetary domination, by which

I mean natural free-market selection, that kind of election and the pervasive protection of this, our way of life,

our insecurity, our cure to most economic hiccups, the pick-up games of novelty and indulgence tapped into,

tapped out and the day's hard night just the soft flickering flakes of blue light in the ad campaigns and local ten o'clock news. Sure.

Sure, I'm an optimist.

I believe in saviors. I put my faith

in the one-man stands against any regression, against carcinogenic confessions of disappointment

or doubt, against the mounting unease of contextual drought, against the sluggish-fire liars spouting simplicity

and discipline and the keys to a heaven I'm already in, against the slight aggravation of anti-acronymic-mutation, the double-you

dot double-you dot jay dot dee like a legitimate question, a half-formed suggestion not just 'what would he do' but 'if it were me'...

I'm an optimist, sure, without comfort or coddle--

just a short, hard glass and a big fucking bottle.

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  1. Nice. I'm not up on the poetry slam scene (I grok Taylor Mali, but that's about it - I need to watch some more of the Def Poetry Jam some time), but I read it aloud to myself a couple of times and it seemed to me like it has a good staccato rhythm... nice use of repeated internal emphasis between the middle of the lines.

  2. Does the audio on the post work? If it does, you can hear me reading it, too. :) It's one of those poems that, I think, is just really fun to read aloud. There are moments when words just kind of skip off the tongue (one of my favorites is "anti-acronymic mutation" because it seems unexpectedly syncopated). But I suppose it's unfashionable to talk about really liking one of your own poems. ;)