Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Divine Digital Art

Many thanks to Mahud, who featured this piece of beautiful artwork on his mythology blog, Between Old & New Moons.

Click here to read my somewhat-flippant but utterly-sincere version of this Celtic wonder tale.


  1. I glad you like it, Ali. Originally it stated off a little bigger, including a image of the swan maiden, but I had some difficulties blending it all together. Instead, i focused on the of the sleeping Angus, dreaming of swans, At first the waters of the swan lake in his dreams are peacful, but as they stream through his mind a tempest rages.

  2. O, I love it! :) The images are beautiful and even the color scheme looks gorgeous in my blog (I posted the image within the original Swan Maiden's Story post, as well).

    It seems like you do a lot of digital artwork, and I was wondering if you might be interested in working on a project with me at some point. I'm currently using Twitter to compose 140-character long prose poems (or "bytepomes" as I like to call them). I was thinking of eventually putting together a book manuscript, collecting some of my favorites along with some images or artwork and making a "self-published book" using something like Perhaps you'd be interested in doing some digital artwork for such a book? Let me know. Meanwhile, here's the link for the mini-blog of daily bytepomes:

  3. Hi, Ali. your proposal sounds wonderful. I'll love to create some illustrations for your book.

    I have a LuLu account, so I'll look into the file and size requirements and stuff. I think for book covers files need to be pdf format, which I've never used, but I'm not too sure about actual pictures inside the book.

    Thanks for asking, and I'm thrilled you like my stuff enough to want to include them :)