Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seven Minutes of Rain

I recently inherited a used digital camcorder from my parents (who have entrusted it to me with the promise that I will make DVDs out of the hours upon hours of footage they've filmed over the years of my brother playing soccer). I've been eager to find creative uses for it, but I've been running up against cinematographer's block. Today, as I pondered and drafted my next post for this blog about cereology, an idea struck me: "The GodsEye Project."

The gist of this idea is to focus on capturing real moments in time, with as little commentary and editing as possible, focusing particularly on the various elements (spirit, air, fire, water, earth; or in Druidic terms, nwyfre, gwyar, and calas) with a brevity and tightness of focus that pushes visual imagery almost into abstraction--or, perhaps, a singular kind of intense clarity. Everything can be mated to poetry, in my mind, and so I like to think of this as a kind of video-poetry, if you will. What follows is my first attempt. It is, like all first attempts, shoddy and full of jitters. I hope to improve with practice.

For your added pleasure (hopefully), here is a short poem I wrote several years ago, inspired by similar subject matter.

Intimation: On the Sound of Rain Falling through Fog

Little bitter fall,
shawl of water, brittle,
splinter into rain.
Shower down from a center,
little bitter brittle splinter
breaking round into shiver,
little pricks at
cloudy skin.
Whittle 'way at the shadow,
shower down
little shiver, wear away
from the fog from
the center, breaking in.
Weave together, loom, the water
from the threads, brittle fall,
little dawn, bitter shadow,
shower down and drift away--
wash forever into shiver
from the center, wearing fog
like a sliding shawl of water
into sun and breaking day.

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