Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seven Minutes of Heartbeat

Another installment of the GodsEye Project. Feedback is much appreciated, as I'm only just learning how to work with this software and create the effects I intend.

(Tip for Playing: Click "play" and then "pause" to allow the video to load completely before watching. Otherwise, the sound tends to jump and skip a bit.)


  1. I liked the way the light and the shadow danced to the rhythm of the drum. it very atmospheric and visually compelling :)

    Do you happen to know the name of the recording you used? I've been after some good repetitive drumming for a while now.

  2. Thanks, Mahud, I'm glad you enjoyed it. One reason I added in the drum rhythm was because I was fascinated by how the candle seemed to "dance" to it, even though it was filmed to complete silence and the flame wasn't responding to the music in any immediate way.

    The song I used is a simple mix I made myself using the GarageBand software on my iMac. I used a few different generic drum beat tracks, cut together. I might be able to send you the song file (not sure how large it is or how easy to send via email), but what I'd recommend is just find someone with the application and put together your own. I use this one to do meditative work occasionally, putting the song on repeat for however long I'm working.