Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Like a Lion

If March rolls in like a lion, it has thus far been a meek and frigid lion, but not today. The weather is playing cat-and-mouse with my body and my mood as a mild front moved in overnight, so that I awoke at 4 AM feeling feverish and claustrophobic. I opened all the windows in my bedroom, but could not settle back to rest again. All day the wind has been growling through the still bare branches of the city trees, and the low overcast of dark clouds rolls through the dome of sky, echoing the constant roar of traffic from every direction, so that the world feels dim and agitated, in a constant noisy twilight. When I sit out on my balcony, the air raises goosebumps all along my arms and the nape of my neck--the trees behind my building seem suddenly to be strange, their branches in writhing forms that are at once beautiful, and eerie. When I come inside again, I feel overheated and restless. A headache (due to sleeplessness and what feels like dehydration, despite drinking plenty of water over the course of the night and morning) persists in my temples and my skin feels hot to the touch.

I ride the weather of my body the way I ride the weather of the city.

Today, I drew the Ogham, Duir--the Oak, king of trees, tree of the Druid. Mountfort says that the oak, because it is one of the taller trees, is associated closely with gods of thunder and lightning. You might come across an oak that has been blasted and scarred by a lightning strike, but that endures and lives on nonetheless. Today, it seems the atmosphere of the city is taking a beating--the March lion is stalking the streets, not silent like a sleek lioness hunting her prey, but loud and full of electric power, like a king.

Ah... and finally, it has started to rain.

Today's Ogham: Duir (Oak)
(duration, stability, maturity, nobility)

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